Ztype is a space-themed typing game that challenges players to type out words that appear on the screen in order to shoot down enemy spaceships. The game was created by Dominic Szablewski and is available to play online for free.

In Ztype, players must use their typing skills to navigate their spaceship through an asteroid field and battle against enemy spaceships. As words appear on the screen, players must type them out quickly and accurately in order to fire their weapons and destroy the enemy.

The game features various levels of difficulty and different modes of play, including a survival mode where players must type as many words as possible before being destroyed. Ztype is a fun and challenging game that can help players improve their typing skills while enjoying a unique and engaging gaming experience.

How Do You Play This Online Typing Practice Shooting Game For Free?

It is very simple to play this game. Open the game's homepage and select the new game option. That's all! Wait for your adversaries. Begin firing as soon as they appear. Maintain your focus on speed and accuracy.

Finish the enemies as quickly as possible and finish the level (known as Wave in this game). When you complete a Wave, your score will be displayed.

The number of enemies and their speed will increase with each level, but you will not give up and will fight until your last breath. After the game, you will be able to view your Stats.



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