Survival Simulator

In the Survival Simulator, you assume the role of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. Your only means of defense is your wits, and you’ll need them to build an army, craft tools, and learn skills that will allow you to survive in this dark and dangerous land. The more skilled you are at whatever task you’re given, the longer you can remain in that corner store before the raiders come for your supplies. You’ll need to learn how to hunt, trap animals, forage for food, and most importantly — continue to build an empire from the ruins of civilization. In this game, there are several different survival scenarios where you have limited resources at your disposal. You may be forced to gather what little food remains or fight off hostile survivors with nothing but your wits and knives… it all depends on how much sense your character makes during each stage of the game. If you decide to play this free online survival simulator game by PlayXchange, be sure to check out our other Survival Simulations such as Valkyr - A Dark Hyborean Tale (RPG) Wixxer - An Awesome World Of Minecraft (MOBA) World Sleepless Nights - A Nightmarish New World With No End (RPG) Shivers - A Cold Day In Hell (Horror) X-Com: Terror From The Deep (strategy).

If you’re looking for a game to keep you occupied on a boring Friday night, then Survival Simulator may just be the game for you. This simple yet addictive game pits your wits against that virtual animal who has been mutated through natural disasters or man-made catastrophes. You are one of many survivors who have banded together in an open-world sandbox where anything can happen. You and your friends compete in teams to see who can survive the longest by scavenging for essentials like food, water, and ammo. Going it alone is also a possibility but it’s not as fun. Take on virtual threats such as disease, famine, tornadoes, and floods as they affect various stages of development. The more days go by without aid, the more threatened you become until you either join forces with other players or leave the shelter to find food.

Are you ready to face the ultimate challenge? Become a survivor in this modern-day apocalyptic world and fight for food, shelter, and love. The journey alone or with friends in this challenging game where you have to think on your feet, improvise and become a real survivor! is an exciting new game from the makers of Gunslugs. In this unique survival simulator, you’ll be put into situations that are normally impossible, such as living off wild animals or being marooned on an island with no one else but insects. You’ll need to think fast and act before it’s too late as you try to stay alive as long as possible. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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