Super Mario World

Do you yearn for the games of your childhood? Super Mario World was undoubtedly one of your all-time favorites. Play this console classic now on Minijuegos in its online and free version.

Donkey Kong, who do you have there?

You will fight to restore order to Dinosaur Land in Super Mario World Online. Some islands where Mario, Luigi, and Peach went on vacation and which are home to many dinosaur species.

Peach is kidnapped by the evil Bowser while relaxing on the beach, and Mario and Luigi set out to find and rescue her, aided by Yoshi, the little dinosaur, in his first appearance in the Super Mario saga.

Explore Dinosaur Land's seven main worlds and two extras:

Yoshi's Island is the first world.
Donut Plains is the second world.
Vanilla Dome is the third world.
Twin Bridges (World 4)
World 5: Illusion Forest
World 6: Chocolate Island World 7: Bowser Valley
World Number 8: Star World (A mystical world situated above the rest of the worlds that can be accessed from various locations)
9th World: Special Zone (A secret world only accessible after completing Star World)
You will have the assistance of the classic power-ups as well as some new and exclusive to this adventure in this new adventure:

A red mushroom that transforms you into Super Mario or Super Luigi and increases your size.
1-UP Mushroom: A green mushroom that extends your life.
Fire flower: A flower that transforms you into Fire Mario or Fire Luigi and grants you the ability to throw fireballs.
Superstar: A star that grants you temporary invincibility.
Cape Feather: A feather that grants you a cape that allows you to fly and glide over falls with a short dash.
A power balloon is a balloon that allows you to float for a limited time.
Yoshi's Wings: Wings that allow Yoshi to fly.

Who was in charge of creating this wonder?

Takashi Tezuka directed the original Super Mario World, which was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of the Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda franchises, for Nintendo. It was the first game in the Mario series for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), which was released in Japan and later in the rest of the world in 1990.

Yoshi, the small green dinosaur that allows Mario to ride on him and move much faster through Dinosaur Land, makes his first appearance in this game. Since the creation of the first Super Mario Bros., Miyamoto has wanted to include a dinosaur as Mario's companion throughout the adventure.

The game has sold over 20 million copies worldwide since its release, making it a worldwide success. It has also been relaunched and remastered numerous times for subsequent Nintendo consoles, making it one of the saga's great titles and one of the most beloved by gamers.

Do you want to reminisce about the past or play a classic game? What are you waiting for to start playing?

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