Studio's Pupil

With Studio's Pupil, you may create your own music studio and begin your journey toward becoming a producer. As your company expands, find new skills to collaborate with by starting small and hiring a musician! Hire staff to assist you in the studio, unlock new kinds of records, and use cunning maneuvers to take over the music business!

This game is ideal for you if working in the music industry is your dream job! You may now start from the beginning and establish an empire with your recording studio! Being the talent could be fun, but what about discovering talents and making money off of their records? You can move toward your success and pause there to unearth your first talent.

Start bringing empty cassettes to your artist as soon as you unlock the tape production. He'll get right to the recording. Go to his right and take the money, then knock on the HR's door. They could bring in some employees to assist you. You may work more productively and earn money more quickly by investing in office improvements. To expand your studio and increase your income, keep opening new locations. Move to new studios to establish new branches and rule the music industry!

You can try your hand at the food industry with similar tactics in Dream Restaurant if you like this game.

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