Smash Karts

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A 3D multiplayer kart-battle game is called Smash Karts. To win, maneuver your go-kart, get some weapons, and blow up other go-karts. Play on to level up, unlock new characters and win rewards.

Earn XP by playing games.

3 minutes of kart-smashing mayhem await you as you square up against other players in the arena. There are various maps to look at. You will receive XP for playing each public game, which you may use to advance levels.

You will receive cash, caps, wheels, and character tokens as you level up. In the reward machine, character tokens can be used to unlock new, varyingly rare characters.

Take up a weapon
Drive over the question-mark boxes to collect sporadic weaponry and power-ups. You can find anything here, including mines, machine guns, and invincibility. Get aboard your go-kart and start causing havoc!

Make your kart unique!
Pick from a variety of absurdly cute characters and go-karts. In the customize option, you can change the appearance of your kart and characters. There are a variety of karts, characters, headgear, and seasonal goods available!

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Thrilling multiplayer kart races
Gain experience, collect coins, and record your stats
Several weapons, including bombs and miniguns!
Customizable characters and karts.

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