Short Life

A fun physics platformer with a distinctive twist, Short Life. You try to control a ragdoll through 16 levels of the game by controlling him. The levels are treacherous and bloody. Each level's objective is to keep the ragdoll secure in order to get all three stars.

Keep an eye out for the dangerous traps when playing this game. For instance, in the first level of this action game, our hero must avoid a moving arm that is fixed with spikes. A pipe construction nearby also shoots arrows directly at his head. Take caution as you go and pay attention to the game's directions.

As the levels advance, our protagonist runs across fresh and creative barriers and traps like rolling barrels and detonating mines.

Each level contains a variety of hazards to be aware of. Spikes must be avoided, mines must be jumped over, and other deadly traps must be watched out for. Your hero will suffer unthinkable pain from the numerous traps; mines, for instance, will shatter them into little, bloody pieces! This game is a ton of fun and calls for excellent timing and reflexes.

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