Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary is a fantasy world where you can tame monsters. Monster Sanctuary is a 2D RPG in which you take on the role of a young and proud Monster Keeper! You are accompanied by a devoted spirit animal who will assist you throughout your long journey. Battle countless monsters, recruit new monsters and raise them to become the greatest monsters of all time. Best wishes!

To begin, players must select their spectral familiar. Choose from four different characters: the Spectral Wolf, the Toad, the Eagle, or the Lion. Each spectral animal comes from a long line of proud monsters. Furthermore, each animal has unique abilities, stats, and an affinity for an element such as earth, fire, or water.

After selecting a familiar, players must follow in the footsteps of their forefathers and attempt to keep the peace between humans and monsters. Unsettling events concern the people and endanger the peace; it is your responsibility to train your monsters and solve the mystery that threatens the land.

Each monster has a distinct set of abilities and stats. Monsters also have weaknesses and resistance to various types of attacks. Always examine the information provided to determine which attacks are most effective. The turn-based combat is simple to understand: you attack first, then the enemy attacks. Take your turns with caution!

In addition to resistance and weakness, each monster has a distinct skill tree. Upgrade this skill tree to gain access to new and powerful abilities. Basic stats such as health and mana improve as your monsters level up. Monster Sanctuary has to be one of the most detailed and enjoyable monster-collecting games available.

Don't forget to hatch monster eggs while playing. Monster eggs can be obtained through battles. These eggs can hatch into new monsters for you to fight. Once the monster has hatched, you can begin upgrading it and using it in future battles. This game is still in early access, but it already has a fantastic community of dedicated players.

Players must also consider their skill tree and the items they collect. Take items, weapons, and potions from chests. Monsters can be equipped with equipment that can be crafted, upgraded, and given to them. This increases both their damage and stats. Potions are used to provide various effects as well as to heal both health and mana. This aspect of Monster Sanctuary is as important as the actual fighting.

Monster Sanctuary will keep you entertained for hours if you enjoy turn-based combat and Metroidvania-style exploration. See if you can collect every monster and figure out what the experienced keepers are worried about. Furthermore, see if you can assemble a powerful team of monsters capable of defeating any opponent in battle.

Which of the spectral familiars will you select? Which monster eggs are you going to hatch? Discover your fortune in this epic RPG monster hunter game today.

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