Miracle of Life

A few months ago, my beautiful wife Emily was diagnosed with Lupus. It’s a chronic autoimmune disease that causes her to develop auto-immune reactions in various tissues throughout her body. The good news is, it doesn’t usually affect her kidneys or liver. In fact, the majority of people with lupus don’t even know they have it. The bad news is because lupus is so often asymptomatic hidden), it can be difficult to accurately diagnose and treat people you love. So when Emily first told me she had lupus, I didn’t believe her. She was such a hard worker and I hadn’t seen any changes in her personality – other than being weaker and more prone to illness. But over time, I came to see that this was an issue we needed to address head-on. What if she could get sick for the first time in her life and then face the humiliation of doctor’s appointments where she would hear “lupus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease” for months on end? Even before we knew she had it? So what if our daughter Emily had special needs because of something as common as lupus? What if this made us stronger? What if we were willing to learn how to live with this diagnosis instead of fighting it every single?

Do you know how many times a day people ask you how to live a healthier life? How can I lose weight? What should I eat? These are some of the most common questions that people ask about wellness and nutrition. But what if your friends, family, and coworkers didn’t know that everything they’re hearing is wrong? What if some of them even asked you to keep it a secret? For this reason, we created the Miracle Of Life blog series. Each post will provide an easy-to-follow recipe for curbing cravings, managing hunger, preventing overeating, and maintaining yours.

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