Miami Crime Simulator

If you’ve hit a rough spot in your life, look no further than the streets of Miami. The city has always been known for its crime and violence, but over the past few years, it has experienced something of a boom. Violent crime is on the rise across America, with much of the increase coming from Latin American countries. But while other cities are watching their crime rates soar, Miami is actually experiencing a sharp decline. It’s a phenomenon that any average Joe can understand – until you realise that this small town just off the coast from South Florida is home to some of the most dangerous people in the country. A true sense of purpose is needed to turn your life around. If you’re ready to take action and create a better future for yourself, then sign up as a Miami Crime Simulator virtual detective and see what exciting new challenges lie

In the year 2028, a new term entered the lexicon of everyday life — the “crack Severely addicted to crack cocaine, innocent young people turned to buying drugs as a quick fix for their problems. Globally, the number of drug arrests more than doubled between 2008 and 2012. The consequences were devastating. Drug users became isolated, hopeless and homeless. This Crime Simulator is an allegorical representation of what life in our current criminal justice system has become for Black men in America. As a black male yourself, this game will bring you to tears as you play it and imagine how things could be different if you just had access to good jobs, health care and

Are you ready for a real-life version of Grand Theft Auto? If so, then the new Crime Simulator from Rockstar Games may be just the thing you’ve been looking for. Announced just today, Crime Simulator is an exciting new co-op game where two friends take on the role of a private investigator and his/her partner in crime. The goal? To save your buddy from getting arrested for committing a variety of crimes, either in one mission or in a series of flashbacks throughout the entire

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