Market Shopping Simulator

Play the first-ever 3D shopping mall game, Supermarket Girlfriend Free Shopping Center, and practice cash withdrawals with the most recent version of the Market Shopping Simulator. To experience the finest cashier game, enter the store and conduct your normal shopping. mega-mall game In the free supermarket mall race shopping center super mom in meat store fun simulator games, you can take out cash, choose your shopping cart, and select items from the grocery shelves.

Play the game by clicking the mouse!

A unity WebGL game called Supermarket Simulator is accessible on y8, and it was inspired by the actual pandemic situation, where the majority of people are purchasing and stockpiling food. Pressing S will start putting groceries in the buyer's basket, and you must be on time and stop buying when the cart's color becomes red.

You must control uncontrolled shopping. If necessary, give back the change before putting the groceries in the specified warehouses.

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