Lucky Life

Similar to Short Life, Lucky Life is a well-liked platform-survival game. The game has a lot of brief levels. Successfully complete each obstacle and arrive at the final line. Can you maintain a healthy body throughout each level? Good fortune!

Play the humorous and mildly gory platform game Lucky Life for free online at Control the fortunate character as you navigate a series of perilous passageways lined with lethal traps to the finish line without losing your priceless life. You can get up to 3 stars for completing the level with odd accomplishments, such as jumping over the finish line or avoiding hitting specific items, therefore you might wish to replay some levels to reach this goal.

Make him walk, crouch, and jump while avoiding killing him.

You can avoid being blown up into a million pieces and losing the level by dodging dangerous spikes, ducking under an exploding barrel, or hiding from a cannon. To gain enough gems to go to the next stage, try each level independently before playing the entire stage. Are you prepared for this terrifying task? With Lucky Life, learn more while having fun!

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