Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator

In the business simulation game Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator, you take control of this cybercafé. To keep clients satisfied and spending more time in your internet cafe, customize your desk configuration and make the space comfortable. Make sure your electricity bill is paid if you want your internet connection to be active at all times.

You are put in charge of a brand-new internet café in Internet Cafe Simulator. Every success and failure as the new boss rests on your shoulders. Make sure your computers are updated with the best software and games when you buy new ones.

After all, you need to pay the rent at the end of every month, so choose how much you want to charge clients to maximize profit by driving them away!

More than just overseeing computers and clients are involved in running a successful internet café. As you play, you'll encounter some dubious people making you potentially profitable propositions. Engage in unlawful internet work and jeopardize your entire company, but the benefits can make it all worthwhile!

You'll want to diversify your firm as it expands by entering new markets and industries. A successful entry into the realm of cryptocurrencies can be motivated by your established chain of internet cafés. Boss, it all comes down to investing—and investing wisely!

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