Idle Pizza Empire

An Idle Pizza Empire with a food production theme is called Idle Food Empire Inc. It is your responsibility to grow and gather food in the high garden, then sell it for a profit.

Do you adore tree planting? You have the chance to construct a sky farm and establish a cutting-edge agricultural empire in Food Empire Inc. Growing plants like lettuce, strawberries, lavender, and even ginseng in the sky is fantastic. A varied income is generated by each plant. Think about and look after your favorite plants!

You'll start this game with a sky farm where you can grow lettuce. To use work flats, you must click on the workers. Otherwise, you can hire managers to put them on autopilot.

Keep in mind that there is just one producing line at the beginning. Let's make more money so that there are more working lines.

In addition, you can open boosters to enable faster and more efficient work from your staff. Even yet, luring investors to your sky farm enterprise can be advantageous.

When you spend time playing this engaging idle game, you can become the emperor in Food Empire Inc. A wonderful time!

Idle Food Empire Inc. features
Engrossing idle game for leisure
Improved workspaces and workers
Boost the quantity of production lines
Use boosters to run the sky farm more quickly.
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