Huggy Army Commander

Welcome to Huggy Army Commander, a 3D war and strategy game where you must aid the human race (or stickman race, in this case) in overcoming the threat posed by an army of Huggy Wuggy dolls that have come to life and have weapons on them. Quite frankly, the only person who can stop them is you, the commander of soldiers!

Develop into the Commander who vanquishes the Huggy Army!
Select the first ten military tags or cards to erect the soldier tent, which will subsequently cause soldiers to emerge and begin fighting the Huggy Wuggy army. Gather their tags if they are killed in battle, then use them to purchase new buildings, tents, guns, tanks, and other supplies.

By using these tags, you can evolve your base to produce more soldiers as you build up your army. Eventually, you'll have enough soldiers to outnumber the Huggy army for that level. As the commander, you must avoid being killed until the health bar is entirely depleted, at which point you either lose.

To navigate the battlefield and make choices, use the mouse. You must now understand, so start having fun and don't forget to tell your friends about this and all of our other fantastic games today!

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