Hotel Tycoon Empire

In this game, you are a hotel tycoon in the year 2020. You have to build hotels and make them profitable by tapping into new sources of revenue. It’s not easy, as every hotel needs to be situated in the best locations with great visibility. Moreover, you need to ensure that the services provided by your hotels are of the highest standard. Good management of properties is essential if you want to become a successful tycoon. Do not let your greed get the better of you! 

Install now and start playing! Once you get started playing, you will never want to play any other game.

It’s the classic game of hotel management: build a great chain of hotels, and you’ll become very rich. But how much do you know about running a hotel? Get your knowledge and start the journey to becoming a Hotel tycoon! This is an incremental game where you don't need to have played any previous Hotel Tycoon games in order to play. Each level gets more challenging as time goes on, so keep playing until you reach the end! Hotel Tycoon Empire is also available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This application features in-game purchases to buy upgrades for your empire.

The Hotel Tycoon Empire is a very simple and easy-to-learn game. You are in charge of a small hotel in one of the most important cities of your empire. The goal is simple: Make as much money as possible over the course of the game by booking profitable rooms, selling useless or negative assets, and buying properties cheaply.

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