Hard Life

Popular books like Short Life and Lucky Life served as inspiration for Hard Life. In this entertaining game, you play as a ragdoll avatar who must steer clear of numerous dangers to their existence. This physics-based game is a lot of fun and will test your skills on more than ten difficult levels.

The iconic character can be controlled by other characters. See whether you can go through Hard Life unscathed!

Hard Life is a graphically violent game where you must face death head-on and keep moving on, exactly like in real life. On bitlife, you can play this game for free online. In this horizontal platform game, your objective is to steer unfortunate individuals through levels filled with horrifying traps and torture devices. To unlock new characters, such as a ninja, a spooky alien, or Mr. Donald Trump himself, collect all three stars in each level. How many horrible deaths will you endure before you cross the finish line? Try it today!

Try to avoid being close when the metal container explodes by crawling under the rotating chainsaw, jumping over the mine, and moving. To avoid falling into a trap and dying violently, jump from platform to platform and time your approach carefully. Don't be astonished by the brutal death you'll experience if you don't watch your step. Are you prepared for this difficult life? With Hard Life, learn and have fun!


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