Garden Flipper

Get it while you can! (regularly $20) Winner of the “iPad App of the Year” award, Flippy is now a FREE download on Apple’s iPad. It’s not just for kids anymore. Get ready to experience one of the most fun and addictive games on your tablet device. This simple game requires little more than timing, strategy, and a lot of concentration. Once you learn how to play, you’ll be playing Flippy for hours on end without even realizing it. The object is simple yet addictive; flip over any given row to make sure that all its leaves are properly positioned at the bottom of the screen. Work your way up from easy levels to progressively difficult challenges with increasingly challenging rows and flapping leaves. Simple? Check. Addictive?

You gotta have that flipping gene! The secret to a long, healthy life? A big, juicy burger from your local fast-food joint. Sounds obvious, I know. But for some people, it’s as important as getting their daily dose of veggies. If you’re one of those people, this is the app for you! Just fling it like a pro with Garden Flipper and see what happens. Let loose in the green thumb game and see if you can master this prehistoric.

The Garden Flipper is a revolutionary new game that allows you to pick fruit and vegetables off of a rotating pedestal while they rotate freely underneath! Children will love bashing the fruit and veggies into submission with this fun, fancy flipper game. The Garden Flipper can be played against the computer or with up to four players via local wireless.

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