Funny Shooter 2

Fighting hordes of crazy foes in Funny Shooter 2 is a lot of fun! To defeat these terrifying foes, employ a variety of weapons and expand your collection as you advance.

Overview of a fun shooting game 2

Wander this unique land's colorful fields to collect all kinds of odd wildlife. Funny Shooter has been significantly updated, and this new edition offers amazing progression, as well as new adversaries, levels, achievements, and more.

Many Foes

Your adversaries could be common red smiths, cleaners, giants, or other oddly lifelike bartenders. Use a variety of firearms, grenades, and other explosive weapons that cause a ton of damage to fire these enjoyable shots.

Advancing gameplay

Funny Shooter 2 progresses quite well. Every few levels, a new monster appears, and every 10 levels, a new boss must be defeated. There are achievements, upgrades, and a store with more lethal weapons to buy as you advance through the game.

Weapons store

Purchase additional weapons, different attachments, and customizations by going to the store. There are numerous ways to develop a distinctive arsenal of your own style.

Successes and advancements

obtaining insufficient gold? Get fantastic gold payments by claiming your awards on the achievements page to help pay for your upgrades and new weaponry. Using grenade launchers and RPG upgrades from the home screen will also speed up your game.


Effortless gameplay and fantastic 3D graphics
There are several terrible enemies to shoot and destroy.
Purchase weapons and alter them at the store.
To get gold prizes, reach milestones in your achievements.


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