Fight your way through a series of challenging levels in this top-down, flight-based action game. Fly the Plane, fight the enemy with a variety of planes, and later upgrade them to defeat more powerful enemies. Upgrade your planes’ airstrikes, engines, and other parts to fly farther and destroy more enemies faster. In each stage, you will face new bosses with even tougher defense strategies. Watch out for gaps between the obstacles, as some enemies can pass through. Use your jetpack to reach high places or double jump from one platform to another. Make use of every available angle in order to overcome any challenges you may meet on this.

The world is in an airplane crisis! There are too many planes, the navigation system is bad and the air pollution is getting worse. You need to build the most powerful and advanced flying corporation to take control of the air transport industry and make your city a global hub of excellence in aeronautics. Build routes, buy aircraft, upgrade them with various weapons and equipment or even hire pilots to safely fly your plane. Fly This is an amazing flying game that you can play on your phone or tablet with your friends or relatives. Have fun.

The world has become a lot smaller and it's more fun when you're talking to the air. Fly You, a colorful, challenging, and exciting. flight game with RPG elements. Take to the skies as an experienced pilot or a novice flyer and experience a true flying run.

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