Fisherman Life

A casual fishing simulation game is called Fisherman Life. Find different fish species in the ocean, then sell them to grow your island paradise!

Obtain fish, then market it
Until your stack is full, swim around and catch every fish you see. Deliver your catch to the island market where you can sell it for gold coins. You may upgrade your island and buy more space with the money you earn!

Invest in your boat and go exploring
Upgrade everything, including your fishers' strength and fishing capability. As your strength grows, you'll be able to capture more expensive fish and finally make enough money to explore new waters. There, you'll discover rare new species and priceless crabs!

Create your island.
Create a beautiful island where fishing is the main source of income. When you have enough money, you can purchase additional land to grow your village's population and industry. For instance, by buying more parcels of land, you may easily access bigger boats, local fishers, new marketplaces, and more!

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