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The first time you step into a live duck farm, the wonder of it all will hit you right between the eyes. You won’t believe how much fun you can have in such a simple solution to one of our most dreaded problems on this planet. And while there are many legitimate ways that you can help keep backyard wildlife out of your home, Ducks in Space is one of the more subtle and effective ones we’ve seen. It’s no secret that ducks and other waterfowl stress humans by flying into inhabited buildings and swimming in residential areas. But how much do you know about why they behave the way they do? Landscape: The Best Place for Ducks When it comes down to it, ducks are social creatures who congregate in large flocks for food. They forage for their own food, leaving the hard work to others. Instead of chowing down on leaves or bugs, these birds prefer to eat other birds. This behavior is known as mobbing behavior and is common among waterfowl. In fact, duck landings account for nearly 22% of all landings by state waters in according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). So what kind of surroundings would make your backyard an ideal place for thousands of these glossy waterfowlers? Read on to find out.

Cause, effect, duck life space, game upgrades, simulation. Can you help a duck avoid being hit by footballs and other objects in his living space? Sounds simple enough but try to predict the trajectory of the footballs so that they don’t hit the duck. The levels get harder from there on in as you need to optimize your aim and time your jumps correctly. Use the mouse to interact with menus and select actions. GAMEPLAY - Avoid obstacles in your living space by jumping over them or rolling under them - Use platforms to reach higher areas - Jumps are disabled if you land on spikes Ask anyone who knows a thing or two about ducks and you’ll soon discover that these little flying creatures love nothing more than spending their day eating bugs and birds. Well at least until something rebounds off one of their own and makes its way into their living.

Duck Life Space”, “Game”, “Upgrades” and many other words are all used to describe the virtual world of video games. But what exactly is a game? And how does it differ from other types of computer software? Let’s take a look at the differences before you dive into our list of the best duck life space.

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