Death Ships Racing Simulator

As the end of the human race approaches, mankind builds a fleet of artificially intelligent warships to destroy an army of giant killer robots. However, due to unknown reasons, these defensive fleets are being targeted by mysterious ships with rows of identically-looking cannons. There’s only one solution: join the resistance and train an army of combat ships to face off against the robot horde! Race through more than 20 missions in this exciting battle simulator and build your fleet to succeed. Features: 5 different game modes – practice your ship handling skills in races, explore different areas for hidden golden chests, complete objectives, or tackle waves of invading enemies in a Zombie Mode Extensive ship control options – and fire at enemy craft Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting Smooth and responsive gameplay.

Simulation-based on actual events Covers real-life ships Realistic AI physics Implementing various weapon types including dual-cannon bosses Game challenges include multiple difficulty levels, as well as time limits Game difficulty level, can be adjusted during gameplay.

The race to a more sustainable energy future continues. It’s a competition that even the great imperial powers are entering. But which ships will come out on top? In this game, you will pilot one of several spaceships as they battle it out in a zero-emissions war to see who is the most efficient space transportation company. You’ll be able to upgrade your ship with weapons and equipment while also managing your crew and cargo capacity. You can choose from three different eras in this race: the Industrial Revolution, post-apocalyptic Earth, or the War against Climate Change. You will have various goals at hand: from destroying other ships to securing resources, profitable enterprises or just having the best time. If you win, you can collect stars and upgrade your ship permanently. But if you lose, all hope is gone for the rest.

The Death Ships Racing Simulator is back and better than ever! Race your way through 30+ adrenaline-pumping levels as you race to save the world from the combined might of 10 ruthless racing game corporations. Utilize 16 different ship classes and build your fleet with the most powerful ships to tackle each of the 10 courses. Build a fast and furious team to take on the corporate races head-to-head. Use any combination of ships to create a customized racing strategy and dominate each course with speed, style, and a capital ‘S’! If you liked Codenames or The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts, then you’ll love The Last True Racing.

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