Dangerous Adventure

This Adventure Game is a Looter Role Playing Game -= Listed on steam as 'Manehattan Inc. - Dangerous Adventure 11' With Onslaught! - New Screenshots, Trailer, and Giveaway!!! posted on Jan 28, 2018, by ManeshattanInc @YouTube Dangerous Adventure is an adventure game with a “loot-based” strategy twist. You play as a treasure seeker who is sent on the most dangerous of treasure hunts! Your job is to collect hidden loot and bring it back to your base. To keep you safe from the monsters that constantly try to stop you…you must first find them! Will you be able to outsmart and outlast your foes? Or will you get lured into there?

LiveActionRPG is a free online live-action role-playing game (LARP) simulator. You can create your own character and go on adventures in a world where magic is real, monsters are real, and heroes are just plain ol' guys in maid outfits. We don’t make any guarantees, but it's a safer place because of you. LiveActionRPG was made by game designers who wanted to do their part to keep fantasy. Discover your destiny while you adventure through LARPing.

An adventurer is about to get into a potentially dangerous and hectic situation. Will you be there to save the day and bring back some reward? If you are, share it with others, because your friends will need this tip as well. The game is called Loot c… Ursus, not “Looting” (A Star Wars).

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