City Idle Tycoon

Idle tycoon is a simple game where you have to run and manage an idle business of some kind. You operate from a small, fictional town called Idle and must find new ways to make your town more populated and generate more income. You can either build new businesses, such as a bar or a park or expand and run existing ones. In this game, you can build any type of business: bar, restaurant, hotel, garage, lumber mill, or …

You are the owner of a small coffee shop in the middle of nowhere. You must make your business succeed by buying, closing, and opening bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to add more customers to your empire. Improve your business by bidding on contracts, lure new clients by giving great deals, or even close down your business preventatively to boost footfall. Build up an empire & dominate.

In this City Idle Tycoon game, you have to make sure that your city is idle. You can do this by making sure there are no other players in the world who want to build cities. Other players will try to outdo one another and they might put pressure on you to increase their score. This can make it hard to keep your city idle at times. 

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