Catwalk Battle

Catwalk Battle: What is it?
Catwalk conflict
We've added a variety of dress-up and fashion games to our website so far, but trust us when we say that none of them even remotely resemble Catwalk Battle. This is because the game is rather original and, as you'll see once you start playing it, it's a ton of fun from beginning to end.

Win the fashion clash on the catwalk!
You play as a simple model avatar in each level of the game, running alongside an artificially intelligent opponent along a runway as you dress up the model before it reaches the podium.

Each time, you are given three options for hairstyles, outfits, and shoes that go with the theme—for example, "beach"—and are then given a model to dress up.

At the conclusion of the catwalk, judges are waiting to award you a score; if you receive more points than the competing catwalk model, you are declared the winner.

Each new level is a more challenging and exciting fashion task, but we are confident you will complete them all and enjoy yourself as only here is possible!

Have you ever wondered what obstacles a model faces on the road to success as a fashion icon? If yes, play this unblocked game about fashion to see what difficulties a new model in the fashion industry might face. In this online catwalk game, your objective is to dress up your cat more skillfully and effectively than your rival as they ascend the ramp. You will be assigned a mission in each level, such as dressing for different occasions, such as date night, a gathering, the beach, etc. As you make your way down the ramp in this makeover game for women, you can select from a selection of outfits, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles.


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