Car Painting Simulator

The paintball world has changed a lot in the last few years. Records show that in 2014, professional paintball was at an all-time high with over $1 billion being spent on the sport. But along with that growth came the advent of new challenges and changes. These have come in the form of new synthetic paints, faster-paced action, and even new rules. So how do you keep your game fresh while staying true to yourself? Enter: The PaintCar Simulator! This is a dynamic paintball game where you drive a car through a series of painting challenges. Think of it as paintballing meets Fast and

Imagine youre a carpenter having to paint one of your cars every week, and imagine its a race against the clock. It may not be much of a challenge if you think about it, but for most of us, getting out the paintbrush and getting the car finished by lunchtime would be almost impossible . This is where our Car Paint Simulator comes in! Keep reading to discover how this fun game can improve your painting skills … and your

It's not the easiest thing in the world to paint houses. Especially if you're a solo artist with no prior experience. That being said, even though it can be challenging, it can be FUN! Besides, how many of us really enjoy spending our time painting houses anyway? If you answered "me," then you should check out these fun and easy ways to paint

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