BitLife Life Simulator

Life is a game, and this is your chance to change the rules. Enter the Life Simulator and you’ll be competing against yourself for as long as you live. The goal of Life is to be the last man or woman standing. It’s that simple. Everything else — from how fast you play to how likely you are to make a mistake — is a game of chance in Life. What you see when you look at life is only one side of the coin. When you play Life, your perspective on everything from love to career changes can change.

The Life Simulator is a game about creating life using only an analog controller and lots of take-ups on the role of an infant, learning how to walk, talk, and feed yourself. Your parents are not at home so you have to learn by yourself. You can either explore or be afraid of everything that appears in your environment.

Life simulator is a digital game created to help those who are afraid of dying or don’t like to think about the end. It’s a joyful and funny game that will put your life into perspective. The player controls a character named Mark as he tries to stay alive as long as possible. The objective is to navigate through various rooms in order to reach the exit without dying.

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