Bathroom Simulator

Bathroom Simulator is a unique and humorous quiz game that challenges players to test their knowledge of urinal etiquette in public restroom spaces. This light-hearted and quirky game offers a fun way to explore the often unspoken rules and social dynamics of choosing the right urinal in various restroom scenarios.


Urinal Etiquette Quiz: The core gameplay revolves around answering questions and making decisions related to urinal selection in public restrooms. Players are presented with different restroom scenarios and must choose the correct urinal based on the rules of urinal etiquette.

Scenarios and Challenges: The game includes a variety of restroom scenarios, each with its own set of challenges and humorous situations. Players may need to consider factors like restroom occupancy, personal space, and social norms when making their choices.

Progression: As players progress through the game, the scenarios become more complex, and the quiz questions more challenging, testing their ability to navigate the intricacies of restroom etiquette.


Realistic Restroom Simulations: "Bathroom Simulator" strives to create realistic restroom environments, complete with stalls, urinals, sinks, and other restroom features.

Humorous Narration: The game often incorporates witty and comedic narration or commentary to add humor to the experience.

Score and Rankings: Players may earn scores based on their restroom choices, and the game may include leaderboards to compare scores with other players.

Educational Component: While primarily a fun and entertaining game, "Bathroom Simulator" can also educate players about the unwritten rules and social dynamics of using public restrooms.

Bathroom Simulator is a quirky and light-hearted quiz game that adds a unique twist to the world of simulation games. By challenging players to navigate the sometimes awkward and unspoken rules of urinal selection, it provides an entertaining and humorous gaming experience. Whether you're looking for a fun and quirky diversion or want to test your knowledge of restroom etiquette, "Bathroom Simulator" offers a playful and memorable way to explore the world of public restrooms.


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